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Località Lavaggiorosso snc,
19015 Levanto (SP)
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An identitary place,
Sky, Earth & Sea

The fame of Levanto is largely linked to its position, in the center of a charming valley dotted on its hills with small villages, still today custodians of an ancient identity of shapes, scents and colors. Il Ghiro is not far from Lavaggiorosso, a small medieval settlement located almost 300 meters above sea level and distribuited on concentric circles along the hills, with buildings leaning against each other and divided only by narrow lanes. Here, our gaze runs along the valley, embracing villages, woods and crops. But the distance from the center of Levanto is short, about 2.5 Km..

Distances & Routes

About 8 Minutes

With the car the center can be reached in a few minutes. We will also provide you with a free pass to park freely in Levanto inside the designated parking lots.

10/12 Minutes

In front of our Bed & Breakfast you will find the bus stop leading into the center of Levanto. We will provide you with free tickets and timetables.

10 Minutes

The road on which the structure overlooks is part of a MTB circuit, so even the bike becomes a convenient and valid means for reaching the center quickly .

30 Minutes

You can take the principal road or the path that runs alongside the structure to reach the center with a suggestive walk.


Thanks to thelong paths that cross its valley, to its location (near Cinque Terre National Park and the seabed of the Marine Protected Area), to its beaches, to its historic center, and not least to its gastronomic delights, Levanto is a tourist destination suitable for all tastes and ages, at any time of the year.

Based on a“good-living philosophy”, Levanto is also very much loved by the “Levantesi” that animate it every day, being a city “on human scale” where children still go to school by bike and the elderly meet in the park, enjoying a freedom certainly denied to larger centers.

Is for the high quality of life that takes place here, characterized by slow rhythms, which was prized as a winner in 2003 from the prestigious international association “Cittàslow”, aimed at promoting tourism based on the rediscovery of culture, flavors and traditions..

on the other hand, Levanto and its hamlets represent the Cinque Terre access gate, recognized since 1997 by UNESCO like a World Heritage Site, as “a cultural landscape of outstanding value that represents the harmonious interaction established between man and nature to create a landscape of exceptional quality, that presents a traditional millennial way of life and continues to play a prominent role in social and economic life of society”.

Cinque Terre

Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza e Monterosso. The Cinque Terre undoubtedly constitute an unique and unparalleled landscape, not only in Italy but in the world.
Representation of the harmonious interaction between man and nature, these magical villages dive into the sea gathering in the bowels of harsh nature softened over time by the human hand to create terraces suitable for cultivation. In this authentic places, the time seems to have stood still for more than 3 centuries, leaving its shape and colorful identity with typically Genoese characters intact: tower houses, carruggi, and creuze, the strenuous stairways that lead up to the vineyards.

Levanto Levanto is located just after Monterosso, the last of the Cinque Terre towards Ponente. This is why from our town it is very easy and convenient to reach these places. It can be done by train (with runs that thicken in spring and summer), or by sea, taking aboats (from April to October) or taking parts of a one of the many private tours organized by those who own a boat, reserving to yourself a breathtaking arrival with spectacular views of the villages. sing car is not recommended, especially for the impossibility of parking on site, but another good alternative, highly suggestive, are the hilly paths that cross woods and vineyards: an experience that allows a total immersion in nature, bringing with its salts and down to the discovery of truly unique and special landscapes, with the sea on the horizon and incredible views of the coast.


The Valley

“Il Ghiro”…Why? With the name of our Bed & Breakfast we wanted to echo the full contact with nature given by this place: a chestnut wood surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, where isn’t hardly to meet small dormice, but also badgers, porcupines, wild boars, foxes, as well as a beautiful pair of hawks.. Perhaps it was a sign of destiny, but in the process of restructuring in the place where once was the cellar of the structure (the current laundry), a nest of little dormice had made room, further strengthening the election of the symbol par excellence of our oasis of peace: IL GHIRO.

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